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Educational Programs

Youth Leadership Council (YLC)

Comprised of PAL members ranging from 13-17 years of age, youth learn leadership skills, fundraising and how to positively impact their community through community service and outreach. This youth-lead program allows PAL kids to give back through a series of high-profile events throughout the City of Santa Monica (i.e. Chamber of Commerce Installation Dinner and Taste of Santa Monica).

Ricardo Crocker College Prep Program

In honor of fallen PAL Officer Ricardo Crocker, this program allows PAL youth to consider college as a realistic life choice. This program enables youth to explore the full range of educational and vocational opportunities available after high school graduation. PAL supports its members and their families through the preparation and application process for college and vocational training by offering PSAT/SAT/ACT courses, college tours, and financial counseling.

Homework Assistance Program

Open to all youth, this program provides a designated workspace to complete homework assignments after school at the youth center. Trained staff and volunteers provide assistance, supervision and supplies to ensure youth successfully and accurately complete their assignments and special projects to maximize educational enrichment.

Fred Deni Culinary Arts Program

Named after local restaurateur Fred Deni, this program instructs older youth ages 13 and up on the fine art of food preparation. The youth learn to skillfully prepare meals and build their knowledge of nutrition and kitchen safety. Local restaurants and chefs have opened their kitchens and shared their recipes to the program and have been instrumental in exposing youth to the world of culinary arts.

Junior Police Academy

This program introduces youth to the world of policing. Curriculum consists of a wide variety of Law Enforcement topics, including: criminal law, DUI, traffic enforcement, internet safety, defensive tactics, and much more.

PAL is a public-private partnership operated by the City of Santa Monica. PAL is a 501(c)3 corporation with a non-profit Board of Directors. Donations to PAL are tax exempt to the extent allowed by law and are devoted to program related activities.

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